Stop Protesting Trump and Get Back to Work!

Protesters. Am I right? Since the United States first drafted the Bill of Rights (and even before that) people have felt the need to express their voice. Or signs. Or whatever it is they feel the American people are obligated

DOOM (2016) – Failure IS an Option!

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

Aaron sits back and watches Valerie (the future wife, as of this post) play the “platinum demo” for Final Fantasy XV (or 15, for you non-Romans out there). Unifooooooxxx!!

Grand Theft Auto 5 – The Danger Zone

Aaron and Adamm play Double RP and $$$ VS mode week with classic games like Top Fun and Into the Wild. Hey, Monster and Snapple! A little sponsorship can go a long way!

Minecraft – Lost in Pixelation

After Aaron and Adamm lose sight of their homebase Woodwool YET AGAIN, they finally get to start mining for the resources they so desperately need.

GTA 5 – Airport Suhcurrity

Left 4 Dead 2 – Not a Dream Team

Although Travis forgot to record his footage, it still didn’t take away that we played this classic zombie title rather poorly.

Little Big Planet – The Exploding Kitties

Aaron and Dwayne Douglass (or as we just call him, Douglass), joined by Jocey, finish the airship level in Little Big Planet 3. As before, there is an insanely annoying echo with the narrator. That’ll be the last time we

Watch Us Play! LBP3 – Survival of the Knittest

Since Aaron has never played Little Big Planet 3, he has his step-son Douglass teach him the basics. Sorry for the echoes from the narrator. Not sure how that got there.

Watch Us Play! Minecraft – Back to the Grind

After dying in between recordings, Aaron and Adamm (judoman) have finally found their house, and are now grinding to get their much needed tools to take the dangerous journey underground.