Here at Doomed For Failure, we strive to make sure you, the entertained, are entertained.

What you see on our site is purely for entertainment purposes only. Taking anything we say seriously (unless we actually tell you too) would be a stupid thing to do. We are very bad at video games, and by recording our series Watch Us Play! for you guys, we are allowing ourselves to look foolish while doing so. This website has undergone so many changes, it’s hard to keep up. But one thing we love to do is entertain.

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Travis Schilling

Travis is the co-administrator and co-conspirator behind Doomed For Failure. He is a professional driver for Uber. He is currently taking courses in C++ to learn advanced C-based programming.


Aaron Campbell

Aaron is the other co-administrator and whatnot of Doomed For Failure. He also helps in the programming and tech support of the website. When he’s not sucked into the world of gaming, Aaron is developing in Android, web, and providing QA (quality assurance) expertise. He recently finished the first ever TechHire Eastern Kentucky program. Yes, there are loads of TechHires all across the continental U.S., but this was the first technological revolution to be seen in coal country.

Aaron’s Portfolio:

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